Friday 5 October 2012

You can't just "do what you want"

In a bid to assert some sort of authority or make a statement, you will often hear people ask why they cannot do what they want. Truth be told, many of these people have legitimate axes to grind or are in situations that need some radical changes but does this justify a total disregard for the system in place.

If you are one of the people described above, my advice is to put careful thought into the way things are and to look at how you can either adapt yourself or point out aspects of the existing system that are not being put into practise and might help your situation.

I know this might sound like a ludicrous idea but the fact remains that law and order are in place for a reason. In most cases, people come together with a common view on what is right and wrong. This then forms the basis of a desire to either initiate or reinforce those views that they feel will strengthen their society and bring people to a greater mutual understanding and appreciation of each other. Once these views are established as law, anyone that goes against it, regardless of their cause, is placing their own personal needs and sentiments above that of your wider community that has subscribed to said views.

You might now ask why is it necessary to put the needs of the wider community ahead of yours. The simple answer is that to run a civilised society, the needs of the wider community will have to be greater than the needs of the individual. The individual will have to make allowances for the greater good of the wider community even if it means the individual having to do things he/she doesn’t want. Also, if everyone did what they wanted and there wasn’t a law in place, that will surely lead to anarchy.

You cannot just do what you want. It is very counter-productive and ultimately leads to no good thing. Laws are given to contain self-centred desires and prevent chaos. It is in finding the discipline and maturity to do what is best for the people around you, potentially at your own expense, that you find true happiness and satisfaction in life

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