Wednesday 23 January 2013

War against baby pictures

No baby pictures
Can I just start by saying I love kids and have nothing against them or anyone that chooses to have one. I love infants and toddlers in particular, and I think their innocence and charm are awesome in ways words cannot describe. But that is not reason enough for all forms of social media to be populated by endless streams of baby pictures.

I don't need to be ambushed by 100 pictures of your son lifting his right hand or 50 pictures of your daughter wearing a 'My daddy is a superhero' T-shirt. Posting any pictures of your child on the internet is questionable at best and I fail to understand why people insist on publishing every second of their child's life to the world.

Yes, it's a free world and anyone can propagate anything their heart desires, and yes, I can choose to unfriend or unfollow anyone that propagates anything I don't appreciate but I don't think it needs to come to that. Neither do I feel I need to install baby-picture zapping plug-ins. We should be able to deal with this situation like the grown-ups we are supposed to be.

here's what I'm thinking - I like to believe I live an interesting life and get up to loads of interesting things from time to time. And whilst the occasional picture of myself, for example, on a night out could be amusing, I think it is safe to say 100 pictures, all of them from before I've left my house, would test the tolerance of even my own mother.

I am not likening myself to babies in terms of cuteness but I think my logic is very clear. Too much of anything is bad. Also, posting endless streams of baby-pictures on Facebook and Instagram is an expression of neediness and narcissism that is generally not very attractive. So, ironically, you could end up making yourself look a bit ugly by continuing to post pictures of your children. Figure that one out

To be honest, if I don't see another random baby picture for the next 10 years, I don't think I'd notice or care. In 10 years, I'll almost definitely have kids of my own and I can guarantee that their pictures would be rarer than the solar eclipse. And if I turn out otherwise, please feel free to unfriend or unfollow me. You'd have my blessings


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