Friday 5 October 2012

Feminism killed womanhood

Did the feminists get the recipe wrong when they took women out of the kitchen? I believe they did.
I strongly believe that feminism has damaged womanhood. I believe that in their bid to liberate women and make bigger pieces of the pie more readily available to women, the feminist movement has done more to tarnish many men and women’s perception of women than it has done to help.

It is true that women were treated like second class citizens for a long time. And it was right that women got their act together and fought for what they should have always had. Where I think the feminists got it wrong was when they started demanding to be like men.

I strongly believe men and women are meant to be co-dependent on each other. And for such a relationship to work and work well, both parties have to bring something different to what the other is bringing to the table. It’s all about finding the balance and one not overpowering the other. It’s for everyone to understand that without the woman, the man is an unloaded gun. Needless to say the woman is the bullet. And without the man, the woman is like a bow without an arrow. Men need women and women need men.

Also when I say the feminists were wrong when they made it their primary aim to get women out of the kitchen, I don’t for a second mean the kitchen is a woman’s place. I just believe that the feminist movement fought the wrong battle. I think the right to do would have been to go for a “let’s do this together or...” approach rather than the “we’re leaving. You can replace us if you like” approach they are famous for. With the suffragettes movement, they campaigned for a share of the pie. They campaigned to be able to find the same opportunities that the men got without having to do twice as much work. There is nothing wrong with that and anyone that says otherwise needs to have their heads checked out.

A woman cannot be replaced with anything. And anyone with two brain cells will not arguing too vehemently against women being the most important creature to ever walk this planet. To try to keep them down would just be ignorant and pointless but there has to be a point where the line is drawn between fighting for what is rightfully yours and trying to rob someone else to enrich yourself. And I believe the latter is what feminism seeks to do – to enrich women at men’s cost if necessary

To me, feminism is like racism – rating yourself higher than someone else, not because of what you have earned or achieved but because of what you think you are. Feminism has given many women the impression that they have a divine right to have a look in. That they should have automatic respect and be regarded highly by all. Feminism has made many women believe they can do it all by themselves and that they do not a man to help them on as they help him on as well. This has only contributed to the breakdown in society and family values as well as creating more problems

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