Thursday 15 November 2012

Essays for sale – A new kind of hustle

When you think of ahustler, you'd probably think of a bootlegger, a pimp and some sortof hoodlum trying to sell illegal drugs on the street corner. You'dmaybe even think a school drop-out lured by the glamour of theunderworld but a different sort of hustler is becoming more popularat universities across the country – the ghost essay writer.

There have been reportsof people hanging around university bars and hallways, offering towrite 'A' grade, 'model' essays for students who are perhaps moreinterested in the social aspects of university life but would stilllove to achieve outstanding grades.

Plagiarism is fastbecoming big business. With technology making it increasinglydifficult to get away with piecing different bits of different essaystogether, students are seeking more intelligent ways to beat tosystem. And with countless numbers of students graduating with goodgrades but struggling to find well paid jobs, some of them are putting their brains to use for the sake of others and a few hundred pounds.

Students can now passoff someone else's work as theirs. And because the work is a freshpiece of writing and not something copied off the internet, it isdifficult for examiners and their anti-plagiarism software to detectthat the work was plagiarised. There are even reports of some students paying hundreds of pounds for long assignments but even withthis, students are not guaranteed winning marks.

Whatever you think ofthis venture, you have to admire the hustle of the ghost writers. Asmorally questionable as it may be, they have managed to create abusiness out of an ever present need. Students will always bestudents and the state of the economy means many won't be able tofind work. But before you get carried away applauding their genius,you just have to ask yourself if you would like yourself or anyoneyou loved to be treated by a doctor who bought his essays because hewas too busy knocking back Jaeger bombs to write his own coursework?

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